Traditional Techniques

At Andor we use traditional techniques to work certified wood and weave natural fibers.
We believe that traditional techniques are the way to create a link between the past, the present and the future. Furthermore, it is one of the ways to preserve the heritage of a culture and provide bases for creativity and innovation. This is exactly what we do at ANDOR Studio, we design and create pieces that establish a connection between traditional craftsmanship techniques and the practical objects of modern life. We hand carve our solid wood pieces with gouges and mallets, using the same techniques that ancient carpenters carved antique furniture, church altars, statues, and other wooden objects.
The artisanal way we weave brooms and hand brushes is the same as the ancient weavers used. Traditional techniques tend to be more time-consuming and require specialized skills, patience, and a deep love for the craft. Each piece is unique, and in our opinion, this makes the results more authentic and personalized.