We believe that it‘s in this balance that a pluralized, conscious, and sustainable society develops.

As artisans, we let our creativity flow and create timeless pieces, that manage to connect traditional techniques with modern life.
ANDOR wooden pieces feature an original design, exquisitely hand-carved.
ANDOR hand-brooms and brushes are intended for small daily acts 
of organization that keeps our house or workshop in order. Artfully designed, our handmade brooms and brushes are equal parts home décor items and useful tools.

We are committed to the environment and stand for responsible consumption, so we only use wood from sustainable forests with FSC certification. Also, natural fibers are much more sustainable than synthetics, in production, cultivation, and manufacturing. All our brooms and brushes are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

*All pieces are designed and handmade by ANDOR, a small team from Portugal based in Barcelona. Being handmade no two pieces will be the same.

Thank you for understanding the value of our work. 
Your support keeps traditional craftsmanship alive.


WE SEEK TO FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN NATURE AND PEOPLE, BETWEEN URBAN LIFE AND THE COUNTRYSIDE EXPERIENCE, BETWEEN THE ANTIQUE AND THE MODERN. We believe that it‘s in this balance that a pluralized, conscious and sustainable society develops. The Andor brand is inspired by many years of road trips into Portugal’s countryside, between Lisbon and the Alentejo. It takes us back to those winding roads, with the Atlantic breaking on the rocks and the elegant dance of eucalyptus trees to the sound of the sea breeze. We believe that objects can tell stories, can transport us to different moments, bring friends together, create memories. Andor is the pleasure of gliding on a skateboard in silence on a beautiful sunset over the sea, in a warm and vibrant palette.   Made in Barcelona and inspired by the asymmetries of life, our skateboards bring a deep feeling of joy and freedom.   We do not design ordinary skateboards, they are made of solid wood, protected with 100% natural beeswax;  no sandpaper, no paint or glue, just our original scale pattern, hand-carved the traditional way, which gives a natural grip. We are committed to the environment and we stand by a responsible consumption, which is why we only use wood from sustainable woods.     .