Wooden Swallow


Swallows are one of the symbols of Portugal. They are migratory birds and when they arrive they bring Spring with them.
These special birds have a characteristic that sets them apart, they always return to the same place where they previously built their nest and have a single partner throughout their lives! Therefore, they have become a symbol of love, family, home, and loyalty.

This original piece is made of solid linden wood, hand-carved, painted with ecological water paint, and finished with a natural beeswax layer.

It brings traditional culture and modern design together, and it's a perfect fit for home decor.

• Product Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 1.5 cm
• Composition:Solid Linden wood, ecological water paint, and natural beeswax
• A small hole in the back allows you to hung it on the wall

*As it is a handmade piece, no two are alike.

Thank you for understanding the value of our work.
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