Tampico Wide HandBroom


Handmade with natural Tampico fiber, this hand broom is weaved with an organic cotton cord and taffeta strap.

It's ideal for dusting or sweeping crumbs on kitchen tables and counters, among other uses. It is strong and long-lasting and cute enough to hang on the wall.

It is not treated with any chemicals, it’s 100% biodegradable, and this is its natural colour.

Approx. 30x20cm

*As they are handmade, no two will be the same.
*Store it hanging or lying down in a dry, free-of-moisture place.

*Material: Tampico comes from the agave lechugilla plant, unique to northern Mexico, and grows in high-altitude deserts. After the cactus leaf is harvested the fibers are extracted, dried, and processed without any use of chemicals. It's the most common natural fiber to make brushes.

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