Esparto Vegetable/ Mushroom Brush


Not all vegetables need to be rinsed before cooking. Like mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, or anything else that we can easily take out of the soil and peel it, or eat it without washing and keep all the nutrients intact.
These small brushes are perfect for this process of treating food with care and maintaining its best characteristics.

Approx. 13x6cm - organic hemp cord

*As they are handmade, no two will be the same.
**Store it hanging or lying down in a dry, free-of-moisture place.

*Material: Esparto grass (macrochloa tenacissima) is a wild plant, native to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, which usually grows in stony and arid lands. It is perennial, with filiform leaves and a stem of approximately 70 centimeters. It generally flowers between March and June, and is harvested during the central summer months. When the plant is green, you can pluck two threads that come out of the edges to be able to weave or braid them and generate the natural esparto fiber. It has been used for thousands of years for crafts and agricultural objects.

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