A fishtail cruiser, very easy to carry and designed for city life. As a small board, it turns tight and sharp, maintaining the flow and the balance in a natural way. With its retro shape, Blackbird is perfect for cruising on a daily basis.

Materials: Beech wood & Natural Beeswax
Length: 73 cm | 28.74’’
Width: 21.5cm | 8.46’’
Height: 1.7cm | 0.66’’
Weight: 1.4 kg
Technique: Hand-carved with traditional gouges

*You can also order a complete skateboard and add trucks, wheels and bearings.
Contact us for more info.

Wheels: (PU) 70x51mm 80A
Bearings: ABEC 9 608
Trucks: 184mm high quality aluminum

If you would like specific components (brand, measures and materials) let us know.

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