Arenga Handbroom


This Arenga hand broom is totally handmade with traditional techniques. It's rigid and stable with a thick but soft texture, ideal for sweeping up dirt and dust.

Made with Arenga fiber, caramel hemp cord, and organic cotton strap.

Perfect for home cleaning, workshops, studios, terraces, or balconies. Or just for decoration, to add an elegant ethnical detail to the wall of our home.
It is not treated with any chemicals, it’s 100% biodegradable, and with simple care can last decades.

Approx. 32x20cm

*As they are handmade, no two will be the same.
*Store it hanging or lying down in a dry, free-of-moisture place.

*Material: Arenga is a natural plant fiber made from the Arenga Pinnata palm, also known as Gomuti. It grows in tropical regions and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. In its native countries, the fiber has been used for roofs, rope, insulation, brooms, brushes, and water filters.

Thank you for understanding the value of our work.
Your support keeps traditional craftsmanship alive.